Who We Are

Our Story

Over 36 years ago the Lord healed the impossible marriage of our founders, Mike and Marilyn Phillipps. Every counselor they saw told them to give up and get a divorce, they had such a terrible marriage.

In desperation to be healed, they began learning and living Kingdom principles and Jesus powerfully healed their marriage and family. He then called them to teach those same dynamic principles to other couples through Married for Life. Those couples, in turn, shared them with other couples and the ministry multiplied around the world.

Today in over 90 countries and over 40 languages couples continue to share those powerful principles with others along with their amazing stories of what God has done.

Our Approach

2=1 International is not a ministry based on personalities or well-known names. It is an army of couples all around the world, all powerful in the Lord and known well in heaven.

The goal of 2=1 is not just to help couples have better marriages, but to help each couple discover God’s plan and purpose for your marriage. Coaching Couples strengthen and encourage couples to powerfully fulfill that call together.

Meet our Continental Team Leaders

We are blessed to have dynamic couples overseeing the ministry around the world. Each one of them has a heart for marriage and family and desires to see Kingdom homes established in every nation.