the Video course

What makes this course different?

There are many exciting aspects to the Married for Life video course.

Each session a new principle is taught by a couple who has lived it!

You will have choices

Facilitated In-Home Group

Currently Available

Along with the anointed teaching and sharing of each video, this option includes a 2=1 Coaching Couple facilitating your group through the sessions.

Facilitators are there to answer your questions, to pray with you, or to help you through challenges you may encounter.

This option includes the 12 video sessions of Married for Life and a downloadable Daily Journal for each couple. If you would prefer a printed Daily Journal, you may order one at a slight additional cost.

What you can expect

On Your Own/With Friends

Free for a limited time

If you prefer you may choose to take the course alone as a couple or invite friends over and watch the videos together.

Although this option does not include a Facilitating Couple, if you need help along the way, you may contact a 2=1 Coaching Couple.

This option includes the 12 video session of Married for Life and 1 downloadable Daily Journal. If other couples join you, they may order their Daily Journals separately.

Facilitated large group

In Development

Couples trained as 2=1 Facilitators may choose to facilitate courses within their church, within their company, or within an association or ministry – any location that could accommodate a larger group than a home could.

This option includes the 12 sessions of Married for Life video and Daily Journals to accompany the video series.

You will download a Daily Journal to follow along with the course

Your Daily Journal

Your Daily Journal provides an effective way of interacting with each other as a couple daily. Here is a sample page from Session 6.

What did You Get?

As you watch the sessions and share together in Your Daily Journal, we encourage you to look for one of the following:

Lightbulb – suddenly you see something you have never seen before, you get a new revelation

Question Mark – there is something you are questioning, something you didn’t quite understand or want to know more about

Arrow – something pierced your heart, really hit deep within you

Ear – you heard something that you want to share with someone else

This method of qualifying your reaction was developed by Tony and Felicity Dale, founders of House2House.

At the bottom of each page in your Daily Journal there is a reminder to share if you received something. Each week as you discuss the session, keep these four symbols in mind.

The first beta group of Married for Life video

We are so grateful to these video pioneers who helped us develop and refine the 12 video sessions.